Story overview

BISHOP Q turned his back on his past, and hometown, and is living as an underground rap artist in a new city and territory. The past catches up with him and along the way he discovers powers that allow him to time travel.

The stories covered in the comic are loosely based on historical events from the African continent, with a focus on South Africa and Southern Africa. Some of the topics covered include South Africa’s history, mining and migrant labour, as well as family, friendship and choices.

Targeted at the young adult and older, the aim is to inspire new narratives and to encourage reading.

Main Character Profiles

Motlatsi Kane - Author

Motlatsi Kane is the author of Coalsack Media’s ‘Bishop Q’. Having grown up in Maseru, Lesotho. Motlatsi has been reading comics and books from his early childhood.

He has based the STARCITY Universe on an area he grew up in called Naleli, which means “Star” in Sesotho.

Since 2018, Motlatsi has released two digital comics titled ‘30 Seconds’ and a HipHop comic; ‘Clash of The MC’- based on real life battle league.

“A lot of the stories I tell are based on my experiences growing up and living in Lesotho and South Africa. My neighbour’s, and first best friend, father worked in the mines of Johannesburg and a lot of my stories reference mining, migrant labour and the effects on families.” – Motlatsi Kane

Sekantsi Mokhohlane - Illustrator

Sekantsi Mokhohlane is a self taught digital illustrator, comic book artist and graphic designer based in Maseru,Lesotho.

He is the lead artist in Coalsack Media’s comic book ‘Bishop Q’ and has led a number of comic books including ‘Iron Tides’ by Blackmoss Comics and Royal House Comics webtoon: Song of the first Butcher.

In 2018, Sekantsi published Lesotho’s first comic book: Kshyzo.

“Having grown up reading comic books and watching anime, I am keen on one day soon seeing an Africa where projects like Bishop Q are more common.”- Sekantsi Mokhohlane

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